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Websurvey Adult Playfulness in Leisure Activities

Sample Surveypage
This survey was conducted in 2003 in order to explore the playfulness in adult leisure activities. The websurvey based on TELS (The Experience of Leisure Scale), an english scale to measure playfulness within adult leisure activities, developed by Meakins & Bundy. For this study TELS was translated into German, revised and adapted as an internet survey using HTML, PHP & MySQL technique. The survey was tested locally with the XAMPP system from apachefriends.org, before it was uploaded to the internet server.

In the beginning of the survey, participants were first asked to name a favorite leisure activity. Based on this activity the questions of the TELS and answer categories were presented by PHP scripts. PHP scripts were used to insert the chosen activity on each question page, provide the actual and total number of questions and monitor the provision of obligatory answers. An example survey page is provided on the left, click it for a bigger view.
To allow scoring through a multiple-page design (Single-question-per-page-design) , PHP sessions were created automatically for each participant. The participant's answers were stored in a MySQL database of the webserver. The MySQL database allowed convenient functions for the later export of the data into the statistical analysis programs.

The survey consisted of 14 or 25 questions based on the constructs of playfulness. The number of questions depended if the leisure activities were pursued alone or with others. The presentation of the questions and answers was controlled and actively modified by PHP scripts. The survey adapted the flow of questions according to the choice of the participant. This actions were automatically performed by PHP scripts, providing inserts to inform the participants. The flowchart on the right gives an overview over the interaction of answers with the script.

Participants had the possibility to score the TELS with different activities. The provided information was stored using PHP sessions (see below).

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