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Website papp-tanz.at Beispiel Website

Website development for a dancer, dance educator and choreographer (Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna). Click the picture to get a higher resolution design sample.
The original website is found at www.papp-tanz.at

Webpage "Craniosacrale Treatment" Webpage example

This is a webpage designed for a collegue working in a free practice for craniosacral treatment. The webpage provides information about the practice location, offered treatments etc., but also gives information about the theory of craniosacral treatment. Central for the webpage is the navigation bar, graphically represented by a symbolised spine, a fundamental structure within craniosacrale therapy. Please click on the picture to get a bigger view of the design. The original webpage is found at www.cranio-hauer.at

Websurvey Adult Playfulness in leisure activities sample survey-webpage

This web-based survey was part of the research project "Adult playfulness in leisure activities", detailed research informations about this survey are found in the ECOTROS Newsletter on Current Occupational Science Research Projects within Europe. Please click this picture to get more detailed information concerning webdesign and programming issues of this survey.