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Putting the playfulness and creativity back into digital media and painting

Interface of Rebelle 3
I want to give you a short introduction into a new version of a painting software called Rebelle 3 from the developers of Escape Motion in Slovakia. What´s so different about this piece of software, is the kind of playfulness you develop when you give this piece a try, especially with the watercolours.

Watch the aquarell drops drip across the canvas, watch colours merge and diffuse and stop them in the right moment, where you think: "This is it!".

Experiment creatively with all the different options and possibilities the software provides.
There´s a Watercolour engine behind the scene, which simulates the kind of behaviour that real colours have. For example there is the simulation of the tilt of a canvas, which lets´ colours slowly run across the canvas.

With a click you are able to see the amount of virtual water, that influences those colour changing processes in the program (here shown as blue colour).

It also provides the necessary tools to stop those processes, for example dry the water with a virtual sponge or blow them in a certain direction, to give you just enough control over the whole thing (remember the Playfulness-theory!). Only thing there is, you have to will yourself to stop watching all those things happening with awe ;-)

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